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DAI VIET or ANNAM , centred around the present-day HANOI and Northern VIETNAM , was the Kingdom of VIETNAM apart from CHAMPA from the 10th century AD to the early 19th century AD . Its earlier name was DAI CO VIET (968 AD to 1054 AD) which was established by a VIETNAMESE ruler called DINH BO LINH after the ending of the anarchy of the 12 warlords . The period of the 12 warlords was a period of chaos and civil war in the history of VIETNAM . It was the period from 944 AD to 968 AD . The four of the warlords were from CHINA . With the unification war of VIETNAM by DINH BO LINH , the DINH Dynasty was established . The name of those four CHINESE warlords were as follows : 1. DO CANH THAC ; 2. KIEU CONG HAN ; 3. NGUYEN THU TIEP ; and 4. NGUYEN SIEU . The name of the rest of eight warlords were as follows : 1. NGO XUONG XI ( of Thanh Hoa Province ) ; 2. TRAN LAM ( of Thai Binh Province ) ; 3. NGUYEN KHOAN ( of Vinh Phuc Province ) ; 4. NGO NHAT KHANH ( of SON Tay ) ; 5. LY KHUE ( of Bac Ninh Province ) ; 6. LA DURONG ( of Hung Yen Province ) ; 7. KIEU THUAN ( of Phu Tho Province ) ; and 8. PHAM BACH HO ( of Hung Yen Province ) . However , the recent findings suggests that there were 13th Lord also whose name was DUONG HUY who ruled a region to the South-East of CO LAO . DINH BO LINH was said to have hold some posts in HOAN CHAU . But he lost his positions and went back to HOA LU in 950 AD . He became there an abortive son and subordinate general to TRAN LAM . Considering him as a reasonable leader who could rule the Province , TRAM LAM retired and gave all power to him . DINH BO LINH who was a man of courage and valor led the army to occupy HOA LU which later on became the national capital under his reign afterward .


The adopted son of LORD TRAN LAM , who ruled the region of BO HAI KHAU ( NOW THAI BINH PROVINCE ) DINH BO LINH succeeded LAM after his death . He defeated all the eleven major warlords in 968 AD and reunified the nation under his rule . In the same year he ascended the throne . He proclaimed himself Emperor with the title DINH TIEN HOANG and established the DINH DYNASTY . And he renamed the nation as DAI CO VIET . He moved the capital to HOA LU . Now-a-days it is known as NINH BINH . DINH BO LINH was respected as VAN THANG VUONG ( the King of ten thousand victories ) . He began by defeating LA XU BINH in CO LOA . The battle with DO KANH THAC in DO DONG GIANG took over a year until DINH BO LINH seized the fortress and DO KANH GIANG and DO KANH THAC was killed . Ìn TAY PHU LIET , NGUYEN SIEU lost four of his Generals in the first battle with DINH BO LINH . In the second battle , he split his army in half to seek backup . However , their ships were wrecked . DINH BO LINH commanded his soldiers to set fire to the camps of enemies’ remaining army . NGUYEN SIEU died shortly . By the beginning of 968 AD , DINH BO LINH after defeating and killing NGUYEN THU TIEP , KIEU CONG HAN , NGUYEN KHOAN , KIEU THUAN , LY KHUE and LA DURONG, ended the battle and DINH BO LINH successfully united the divided region of DAI VIET . He also convinced other warlords like PHAM BACH HO , NGO XUONG and NGO NHAT KHANH to surrendered and joined his army .


The history of DAI VIET could be divided into the rule of eight Dynasties . They were as follows : 1. DINH ( 968 AD to 980 AD ) ; 2. EARLY LY ( 980 AD to 1009 AD ) ; 3. LY ( 1009 AD to 1226 AD ) ; 4. TRAN ( 1226 AD to 1400 AD ) ; 5. HO ( 1400 AD to 1407 AD ) ; 6. LATER LE ( 1428 AD to 1789 AD ) ; 7. MAC ( 1527 AD to 1677 AD ) ; and TAY SON ( 1778 AD to 1802 AD ) . For the short period , it was briefly intrupted by the HO Dynasty ( 1400 AD to 1407 AD ) who changed the name of the country as DAI NGU for the short period . And the fourth eŕa of Northern Domination started when the region was ruled as JIAOZHI by the MINGD YNASTY from 1407 AD to 1427 AD . Again the history of DAI VIET could be divided ìnto periods : 1. Unified Empire which lasted from 960 AD to 1533 AD ; and 2. Fragmented DAI VIET from 1533 AD to 1802 AD when there were more than one Dynasty and noble clans simultaneously ruling from their own domains . And from 13th to 18th century , the border of DAI VIET expanded to encompass the territories and regions that resembled VIETNAM of today . This region lies along the South CHINA sea from the Gulf of TONKIN to the Gulf of THAILAND . DAI VIET emerged in 960s as a hereditary monarchy with MAHAYANA BUDDHISM as state religion . And it lasted for six centuries . From 16th century onwards it was gradually weakened and decentralized into many sub-kingdoms . However , it was briefly unified by the TAY SON brothers in 1786 AD . It was divided among themselves by the TAY SON brothers in 1787 AD . However , again DAI VIET was reunified after TRINH-NGUYEN war which ended in NGUYEN victory and destruction of TAY SON . In this way DAI VIET was reunified after three hundred years of fragmentation . But from 968 AD to 1804 AD , DAI VIET acquired significant power in the region which annexed CHAMPA slowly and some parts of KHMER territory gradually . And thus , the VIETNAMESE territories expanded to the south and west also .



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