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  1. Molto interessante !
    Non ho abbracciato alcuna religione , sono contenta della mia scelta maturata con l’età .
    Credo fortemente nei valori universali condivisibili da ogni Popolo della Terra .
    “Non serve che il necessario per vivere felici , rispetta tutti , difenditi solo per necessità vitale . Non predicare il falso né cio che non fai. Ama la Vita e la Terra sempre” .
    Questo periodo è di eclissi ! Non dimentichiamo la Luce neppure quando è Buio
    Grazie che la tua vita sia serena . ❣️☮️

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    1. I am not promoting any religion as such as I believe in the entirety of the humanity . Though Hindu by birth , I always believe in peace within and without— both . But what is happening around us is not human . We are not born for war but for peace . And only peace can give stability to one and all on this beautiful planet . Anyway , I am a historian writing on historical topics, so that that people should know about the past events also . However , your concern is genuine . And I appreciate your comments . Thanks !

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      1. It’s very true you write in this way that I just keep reading to know the history which I never read before. Thank you.😊💕👍


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