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  1. Great blog! A few tips:
    1. I am rather unsure about typing so many words in capitals. It kind of disrupts the flow of the blog for me. However, I don’t mind the issue if you are happy writing blogs with many capitalised words.
    2. I recommend you to proofread the blog (if you don’t have that habit already) before posting it to check for spelling and numerical errors. For instance, in one segment, you wrote 1881,then specified 1865 and 1869 as coming after 1881. Yes, I know you meant 1885 and 1889 respectively, but it would still be wiser to correct those for readers who are unfamiliar with Indian history.
    By the way, who says history is boring? I know it is tedious for some people, but I find it interesting as long as I don’t have to mug it up! You are educating the youth about history they have not been taught. Keep up the good efforts!


    1. I had been a UGC fellow in History in early nineties . And my Doctoral thesis is on the Socialist Movement ( J.P. ) during the Freedom Movement in India . So , Madam ! I know Chronological Order . But History is a continuous dialogues between Historians of the present and facts of the past ( E.H. CARR ) . So , it depends on the Historians of the present how and in which Order facts of the past are used . It may be used in other ways also . So never take History always as a narration written in the Chronological Order. If you are well aware of various Theories of History , then you will find different approaches regarding this . I would like to cite a few of them for better understanding of a discipline like History : 1. History is not only the conserving and understanding of the past , but also looking at what is going on at present . History in this sense is philosophy in motion . History in this sense , to CROCE , means every History is a contemporary History . 2. History is a Greek word which means enquiry , research , exploration or information as DIONYSIUS held that history is philosophy teaching by examples . 3. To POLYBIUS and THUCYDIDES , History is a story of things worthy of being remembered . 4. BACON consider History as a discipline that makes man wise . 5. Similarly , ROUSSEAU defines History as ” the art of choosing from among many lies that one which most resembles to truth ‘ . I am leaving Marxist and Subalturn approaches to the study of History . Because my approach to write blogs on Historical Topics is not meant to teach anyone at all about History but dig unique things happened in History which have deliberately been left and people are quite unaware of those events or had little knowledge about them as such . My approach is to amuse people by providing knowledge of History . Otherwise History would be like Sociology or Philosophy which people in the time of science and technology would never prefer to go through it . Secondly , Chronological narration is alright but people can get all those things on Google . But I don’t consider them as History at all . So , never take it otherwise . Your comments are Genuine . I appreciate your approach . I like your communication . My response is meant for clarity and don’t take it otherwise . Please read and enjoy my blogs . Thanks !


      1. Thank you, sir. I have learnt a lot from your reply I previously did not know. As a school student who is relatively new to the world od social media, I hitherto did not consider history as more than a subject😅. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to reading more fantastic and informative articles!


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