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  1. This is a pretty great post but honestly you lost me at wakeup early. I’m way too interested in sleep to do that 😅

    Oh and can you tell me how you managed to set up your page that shows all your posts. I’ve been trying to do that for a long time, but it never comes out right.

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    1. Very nice question . One thing we should know that we are the part of the nature and not part from it . So , I try to live with the nature . I get up early in the morning at about 3.30 O’clock routinely . I do meditation for half an hour . Then I wash myself . Then I do Yoga for an hour . Then I do worship to the Almighty for half an hour . Then I go for morning walk . When I return from morning walk , it is 7 O’clock in the morning . I take breakfast . Then I write blog for one hour . Then I take my light lunch . Then I go to the office at 9.45 a.m. as I am a government servant . I come back home at about 6 O’clock in the evening . I take breakfast and then tea without sugar . Then I check mails and reply . Then I continue writing left part of my blog . In a week I try to write at least two blogs . I goes to the bed at 9 O’clock at night to again arise at 3.30 a.m. in the morning . This is my routine life . Thanks !

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  2. Very useful tips. I got some useful tips from your comment section. So, this site is actually full of useful stuffs. Nice post.
    I wake up at 5’30. But, i use to wake up at 4’0 clock. But, after reading your blog. I got some inspiration. Thank you so much for writing this blog and sharing your knowledge. 😊

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